The price of Botox

You may have noticed over the years the price of Botox has changed. It is more available and the cost varies so much.

Here is some information to why prices vary so much.

Reasons practitioners maybe offering such low prices include using copies of Botox which are inferior to Botox. Evidence shows that it doesn’t last as long and does not give the same result. More worryingly it has a tendency to migrate causing droopy eyelip.

We use a fully qualified Registered General Nurse with over twenty years experience in delivering professional nursing services. Vivienne Kimber is also a member of the Royal College of Nursing forum on Aesthetic Medicine.

Vivienne Kimber RGN

Other treatments include Juvederm which is the filler that has the anesthetic built in.


Juvederm can be used anywhere on the face although typically we use Botox for the Upper face and fillers generally for anywhere else.

For fine lines/lips one syringe £300 may be enough but for cheeks or deeper lines you may need more. Juvederm can last up to a year.

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