Contour Wrap

Need to lose a few inches? Strictly Professional body Contour Wrap guarantees inch loss and improves the appearance of skin tone and cellulite.

Using a unique blend of essential oils and the traditional method of bandage compression, the treatment removes toxins from the fatty tissue and creates a loss of inches around the body contours.

The results could mean that you drop a dress size. ‘in just one treatment’

If the surface of the skin is bumpy and uneven from cellulite, the contour wrap will smooth out the skin’s surface and dramatically improve its appearance.

This can be a great confidence booster for you to show off your legs in the summer. ‘perfect treatment before your holiday’

The results can last up to 28 days. The quicker you put the toxins back into your body the quicker the inches creep back on.

Eat healthy stay after from alcohol ( or at least reduce) will result in a longer lasting inch loss.

The treatment will take about 1 1/2-2 hours.

Please shower before coming to the salon for this treatment. Wear underwear you feel comfort in.

What to expect.
You will ask you to remove your clothing, leaving you in your underwear.
The therapist will measure around your ankle and work up the leg. Then you core, arms and chest. These measurements will be taken again at the end of the treatment.
The therapist will apply the gel all over your body, before wrapping you up in bandages.
You will then be asked to lie on the treatment couch for 1-1/2hrs.  Covered with a foil blanket to keep you warm.
At the end of treatment we will remove bandages and take measurements again.
You are guaranteed to lose 6 inches minimum.

Single Treatment – £35.00  or a Course of 3 – £99.00