Dermalogica Face treatments

Using Dermalogica products, we are able to customise your facial to meet your skin concerns.

Premature ageing, Pigmentation, Fine Lines, Loss of Elasticity, Acne & Blemishes, Dryness & Dehydration are some of the main concerns we face every day.

You can be sure that Dermalogica’s face treatment, combined with your home care routine will deliver you great results.

Dermalogica Face Mapping & skin Bar 20mins  – FREE Treatment.
This treatment give you the opportunity to try the right products on your skin.

Skin Scanner £5.00
As seen on 10 years younger, when added to another face treatment.
Helping you see beneath the top layers of your skin.

MicroZone treatment (20mins) £20.00
A treatment designed to target your specific skin concerns. Great lunch time treatment.

Express face treatment (30mins) £25.50 
Double cleanse, exfoliation or mask product to treat your primary concern, tone and moisturise.

Customised face treatment (60mins) £43.50
Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, products to treat your primary concern, tone and moisturise.

Active Resurface 35 (45mins) £45.00
The intense resurfacing exfoliation treatment that simulates cell turnover ans cell renewal.

Botox Clinic held monthly

Testimonial From Jenny Slim Feb 2013

Back in the summer last year I visited Absolute Beauty for an eyebrow re shape. While there I got talking to Claire about a skin condition I have had on my face since I can remember. She gave it a name and gave me some suggestions of treatment. She talked me through the microzone treatment and what I could do at home to support it. So with my wedding a year away I thought I would give it a try, I was a little apprehensive at first as not a fan of needles however the ladies at Absolute made me feel very relaxed and talked me through the whole thing.
I now go every other week for my treatment and I also use other treatments. The ladies always make me feel welcome and I cannot believe the transformation in my skin. Initially I thought it was just me however when my family and friends noticed I know it works.
I am one very satisfied customer.

Jennifer Slim.