Contour Body Wrap

Body treatments are no longer considered a luxury or solely for pampering.
The skin on your body should be looked after as tho it was the skin on your face.

Back Purification (25mins) £20.00
Starting with a deep cleansing scrub to remove dead skin cells. Prepares the skin for toxin removal.  The back is when ready for a masque that will hydrate, nourish and refresh the skin before finishing with a moisturising cream.

Back Purification and Half Body Massage (50mins) £35.00
A great treatment prior or post holiday.

The above treatments are great gifts for friends and loved ones, offering them something a little different, that will leave them feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Contour Body Wrap £35.00           Course of 3 £110.00
Helps to improve skin tone and texture thus achieve a 6 inch loss with one treatment.
Flushing out toxins also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The Contour Body Wrap has been a favourite for over 20 years, due to its incredible instant inch loss results and unique inch loss guarantee.

Perfect before a night out a special occasion or a holiday.
For the best results a course of 3-6 is recommend.