Holistic & Wellbeing

The holistic approach to dealing with ailments and emotions works on the principals of natural balance of the mind, body and spirit, treating all three as a whole rather than one at a time. Tension, stress, injury or general self-neglect will disrupt the body’s natural balance, obstruct its natural energy flow and impair its natural healing ability, resulting in a state of “Dis-ease”. It is when the body is out of alignment that we develop various ailments and are susceptible to illness, developing all manners of disorders. Various “holistic” treatments can aid in realigning the natural balance, improving healing ability.

We offer the following holistic treatments:
Swedish Massage Hopi Ear Candles
Indian Head Massage Reflexology
Aromatherapy Massage Reiki


A full consultation will be carried out prior to any Holistic treatment, please allow an additional 10mins before your first appointment. If you are currently receiving treatment from doctor or recovering from an illness/operation please advise the therapist when booking appointment.

Please note that it is advisable to commit to a minimum of three sessions of any holistic treatment, in order to benefit from the unique healing properties of the treatments. We would strongly recommend that a course of 6-8 treatments is completed to receive the best results from any of these treatments. Discounts can be given for courses of 6-8. Conditions apply.