Male Waxing

Male grooming is one of the fastest growing areas within the beauty industry. Absolute beauty specialise in intimate for both men and women. We offer a flexible pricing structure based on the amount of hair you want removed.

Male waxing

It is not uncommon for men to suffer with spots after being waxed, typically the first couple of occasions.

Unfortunately when men sweat and it goes stale it settles in the open hair follicles and this causes spots.

To help prevent this from happening I suggest you exfoliate 3-4 times per week before and after waxing,using an antiseptic gel.  Recommended products for after wax care include Dermalogica Conditioning Body wash, Exfoliating Mitt and Aloe Vera Antiseptic gel.

Eyebrow £8.50

Chest £15.50-£20.00

Abs £10.00-£15.50
Below chest to waist line.

Chest & Abs £20.00-£28.00

Upper Back £10.00-£20.00
Includes shoulders

Lower Back £10.00-£20.00
Waistline to top of buttocks

Full Back & Shoulders £20.00- £28.00

Absolute Beauty offer a flexible pricing structure, based on the amount of hair you have to remove.