Teeth Whitening

A safe and effective teeth whitening system that delivers amazing results.

 How it works!

The surface of teeth contain millions of microscopic pores ad over time, organic compounds from food, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and tobacco etc., settle into these pores and  cause discolouration of the tooth enamel.Almost all natural teeth respond to the process, however, there are some individuals’ teeth that take longer than others to whiten, such as those with tetrcydine antibiotic staining.

Following a thorough consultation.

A small amount of whitening gel is then applied to the teeth and the laser light is then positioned over the teeth.

The process is made up of 3×10 minutes sessions and the whole procedure takes approximately one hour.

The whitening gel is activated by the moisture (saliva) within the mouth and it is in this activated state that it releases the
oxygen to the teeth and the whitening process begins.

Questions Frequency Asked

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth? Research data shows there is no risk to the enamel of the teeth other than the advised 24-48 hours temporary sensitivity.

Does teeth whitening works on veneers, crowns, bridges or fillings? The teeth whitening system will not whiten crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings however, they will return them to their original colour.

How long will the results last? The procedure will stay noticable whiter for 18-24 months however periodic touch ups  i.e. one ten minute session usually every 6-12 months should be performed to keep the smile at its brightest.

It should be noted that each client’s combinations of age, diet, tooth structure and oral hygiene would influence the long term results.

Note: nursing mothers and pregnant clients should consult their doctor before using any teeth whitening products.

For just £149.00 per treatment or bring a friend and pay £250.00

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Coronavirus update - 18th June 2020

I would firstly like to wish you and your family well. The last 3 months have been an incredibly difficult time for all of us. I hope you’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Welcome back procedure

The government has set the earliest date of the 4th July for beauty therapist to return to work, this is dependant on the R-rate staying below 1. They are yet to provide guidelines for how we might work yet. However, in the interim I have started to put together my Covid secure working practice.

All Clients

When you arrive, prior to entering the therapy/treatment room I will take your temperature as long as this is in the range of normal you will be able to enter the building. Next you need to sanitise your hands (this will be provided.)  Please do not bring unnecessary items in with you i.e coats, handbags etc. No drinks will be provided and the use of the bathroom will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. Bacs payments preferred however cash will still be accepted. My bank details are Absolute Spa @ Telford Whitehouse LTD, account number 89168413 sort code 090127.

Counselling Clients

Over the last few months, I have continued to offer counselling via phone and remotely.  From Mid June I will resume seeing clients Face-2-Face, however, phone and online counselling will remain part of my practice.

Beauty Clients

Things may look and be done a little different whilst we continue to live with Covid-19.

All towels will be fresh for each client and disposal couch covers will be used.

I will be wearing extra PPE than normal. This may include a mask, a face shield, gloves and disposal apron.  You will need to wear a mask, please bring your own. If you forget yours I will be able to provide you with a disposal one for a  small charge of £1.00.

Symptoms of Covid-19

If you or your family show any signs of Covid-19 you MUST NOT attend your appointment and self-isolate. There will no cancellation fee at this time.

Ultimately I want to keep myself, you and our families safe. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay Safe and Sane.