Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair in a flash, with Chromolite (Intense Pulsed light) Permanent Hair Reduction.


What is Chromolite? –The Chromolite Hair removal system is a non-invasive light therapy device (photo-epilation), specifically designed to eliminate undersirable hair from all parts of the body. The system uses a unique Smartlite technology to produce an optimum pulse profile for treatment containing dual frequenies in the red and yellow light spectrum.

The unique features of Chromolite’s IPL hair removal system guarantee beautiful smooth results, on men and women, whatever your skin type or hair colour, (except white hair).

What are the side effects? – With the majority of treatments, there are little or no visible side effects, so you can resume your normal routine quickly. You will be advised of the aftercare required to minimize this occurring.   Due to their medical history some individual maybe unsuitable for Chromolite and may need to consult their doctor if considering this treatment.

How does it work? – The system uses intense pulsed light to remove the hait and impair hair regrowth. After applying cool gel, pulses of light safely penetrate the skin and disable hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously. Much of the hair is wiped off when removing the gel. The remaining hair in the treated area falls out within a week or two.

What are the benefits of Chromolite? – It is Safe, effective and virtually painless. Provides permanent hair reduction. Improved skin resilience. Treats large areas in one session. Simultaneous destruction of hundreds of hair follicles.

How many treatments will I need? – this varies depending on your hair colour, density and location on the body.  Hair follicles constantly cycle through three stages of growth and only one of these stages is suitable for light therapy treatment. However on average most clients have some where between 6-12 treatments.

Is it painful? – during the treatment you are likely to feel some sensations of heat.

Prices from –  Consultation – Free

Patch test £30.00 this must be done before any course of treatment is booked.

Upper lip £60.00 per treatment or £250.00 for a course of 6

Chin £60.00 per treatment or £300 for a course of 6

Small face area £80.00 per treatment or £400 for a course of 6

Full face £135.00 per treatment or £675 for a course of 6

Neck only £80 per treatment or £400 for a course of 6

Standard Bikini £102.00 per treatment or £510 for a course of 6

Underarms £78.00 per treatment or £390 for a course of 6

Half Leg (below knee) £165.00 per treatment or £675 for a course of 6

Others area available prices upon request.

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